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Deck Waterproofing Image - San Antonio TX - The Concrete Decor StoreSo you’ve just added a beautiful new deck to your house and you love it! You have visions of yourself eating sandwiches and drinking lemonade on your deck with a soft breeze blowing your hair back, or maybe of you and your friends drinking margaritas on your deck on a warm summer evening. But first you need to think: how can I protect my deck from the negative effects of rain and weathering? Whether you have a cement deck or a wooden deck, the experts at the Concrete Décor Store have the advice and the products you need to make sure that it stays beautiful for years to come.

Why Does My Wooden Deck Need Protection?

Although wood has natural protective qualities, if it is exposed to the natural elements for long periods of time the wood can begin to warp. According to Tim Carter of Ask The Builder, if water sits too long, negative effects will start to show up. In fact, he goes on to say that “(A)s soon as the moisture content in wood reaches in excess of 20%, decay and staining can begin.” He goes on to say that even before this damage takes place, you will be more likely to see mold start to grow. In fact, in the right circumstances, mold can start to grow in less than 48 hours. Given these facts, it seems as though the only decision to make is what type of waterproofing is the right type for your wood deck!

What About My Cement Deck?

You would think that your cement deck would be safe from damage from natural elements, right? Think again! Cement is also susceptible to damage from wind and rain. Cement is a porous material, so when rain water stands on your deck for long periods of time, the liquid can seep into the pores of the cement. The Guttergloves website tells us that, when this happens, it can cause a breakdown in the concrete itself, which in turn can cause cracking and settling to occur.

Pool Deck Damages

Another area that can sustain damage is your pool deck. The chemicals in your pool water will splash over onto your deck, and those chemicals can cause a breakdown in the wood or concrete that make up your deck. And this will cause premature aging of your pool deck.

What Can I Do To Protect My Deck?

You’ve put time and money into the construction of your deck, and you want to maintain the value of that investment. So how can you go about protecting your deck from the damaging effects of nature? The professionals at the Concrete Décor Store have the answers to these and all your deck care questions. They also carry the highest quality waterproofing products and systems in the industry, including Life Deck by Life Paint. Not only will these products protect your deck, as an added bonus the products are affordable, long-lasting, and give your deck 1-hour fire protection. So call the Concrete Décor Store and get that margarita mix ready! You’ll be glad you did.