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Adding Color to Your Concrete Photo - San Antonio TX - The Concrete Decor StoreCement flooring used to be just this – gray, solid flooring that would stand up to any type of wear and tear. If you needed flooring that was going to last, that’s what you picked. Nothing beautiful, but extremely practical. But things have certainly changed. You can add colorful overlays, stamped concrete, creative color designs. There are many great ways to add color to your concrete flooring. Read on to discover some ways that may work for you, and call the professionals at the Concrete Décor Store to get expert advice on what will work best for you!

Integral Coloring

If you’re looking for a smooth, even look throughout your whole floor, integral coloring may be the way to go. According to Green Journey, you can achieve this look by adding liquid or powdered coloring to the cement before laying it. This can be a great look, especially for a larger area, but you do need to consider that this can only be used when the flooring is originally laid and that it can be a bit pricey.

Acid Staining

If you choose to use acid staining in order to add color to your concrete, it’s important to make sure that the surface is free from defect, stains, and other markings because these patterns will show through after applying the stain. This can be really effective if the variations in your concrete are unique looking. You do have to be careful when acid stains are applied because spills can add permanent markings to your flooring.

Acetone Dyes

If you want to color your concrete but don’t have much time, you may want to consider an acetone dye. You can either use a liquid or a powdered acetone dye; liquid are UV stable but can’t be polished, while powdered can be polished, but aren’t UV stable – so if you use a powdered form, you need to be aware that it could fade in the sunlight. Because acetone dyes penetrate deeply into the concrete, you can achieve a wider range of colors. You do need to be careful when applying these, however, because acetone based dyes can be flammable.

Water Based Dyes

For a safe, easy to apply color for your concrete, you may want to look into water-based stains. Because you can mix and match the colors, you can create beautiful designs in any sized room. After your water-based dyed floors are polished, you can create a translucent, gemlike effect. These dyes are also not UV stable, so they need to be used with protective coatings in order to lock the colors in.

Get Help

When you are considering a new look for your concrete flooring, you need to understand that there are many different ways to achieve the effect that you are looking for. Sometimes it’s best to ask for advice from the experts – and the best in the business are those experts at the Concrete Décor Store. They can explain many different techniques, and they are also specialists when it comes to applying whatever type of colorization you decide is best for you.