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Stamped Concrete Image - San Antonio TX - The Concrete Decor StoreAre you putting in a new patio? How about a pool deck? Or even a driveway or sidewalk? It’s so rewarding to fix up your home, but it can also be stressful because of the high cost of materials and labor. There are ways to save, and stamped concrete is one of them.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been treated to look like brick, stone, tile or other patterns. Because it is made using concrete, it is much less expensive than using these actual materials. And this can be a great alternative when thinking about redoing your backyard, patio, or interior floors. Not only can you get stamped concrete in different patterns, you can also get stamped concrete in a variety of colors.

History of Stamped Concrete

When stamped concrete first came onto the scene, options available were limited. However, as time passed and more people became interested in this technique, more styles and colors became available. According to the concreteconstruction website, by the 1970s, Jon Nasvik, an innovator in the stamped concrete industry, “developed urethane stamps that were light and long-lived.” He also developed tools that could be used to imprint patterns and textures on fresh concrete. With the invention of these new tools, the stamped concrete industry began to boom.

Positives of Using Stamped Concrete

The techniques for creating stamped concrete have continued to improve since it started to become popular back in the 1970s. Coloring and highlighting can create looks that satisfy any homeowner, and allow for a look that’s fresh and new. As stated on Angie’s List, it is less expensive and less labor intensive than using brick pavers or tile. Although all concrete will eventually crack, if properly sealed and maintained stamped concrete can last for decades. And if you have an existing slab of concrete that that needs an up-do, it is possible to cover that concrete with decorative overlays. This can be a cost-effective way to give your old concrete a sharp new look.

Another reason to use stamped concrete is that stamped concrete requires less maintenance than other options. If you’re tired of having to dig weeds out from between sidewalk cracks, than this is the way to go. Why? Because it’s seamless! There’s nowhere for those plants to grow. Stamped concrete is also versatile; you can use this product in patios, swimming pool decks, entryways, decks, balconies, and more.

Finding the Right Company

As is so often the case, a big part of the process is finding the right company to work with that gives quality work at a reasonable cost. The experts at The Concrete Décor Store have a wide range of experience working with residential flooring as well as commercial and industrial jobs. They work with a variety of products and are willing to put their experience to work for you! If you’re interested in achieving a beautiful new look for your home, give the experts at The Concrete Décor Store a call. They look forward to helping make your dreams a reality.