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Polyurethane Coating & Sealers

When it comes to sealing and protecting your concrete surfaces, polyurethane coatings and sealers can be a great choice. They provide a protective film that will resist chemicals, scuffs, marks, and abrasions, and leave your concrete floors or countertops looking beautiful well after installation.

Why Many Homeowners Opt For Polyurethane

Polyurethane can be a great option for protecting and preserving your concrete surfaces for a variety of reasons:

  • Customizable Clear Sheen & Protection. Polyurethane coatings come in both solvent- and water-based formulations and a variety of sheen levels, allowing you to customize your concrete protection. They provide crystal clear protection and can add a look of depth to whatever concrete surface you’re applying them to.
  • UV Stability. Additionally, they are UV stable and can be used for both interior and exterior applications without yellowing. Just because they are UV stable, however, doesn’t mean polyurethanes are a wise choice for every exterior application. Polyurethanes are not breathable sealers and will not allow any moisture vapor that is present in the concrete to exit. Trapped moisture could result in cracking concrete, so if moisture in the concrete is a concern, this will need to be considered.
  • Color & Design Enhancing. Applying a polyurethane sealer can also bring out the beauty and color of a stamped or exposed-aggregate concrete floor or surface, while adding protection and a beautiful and durable finish.
  • Flexibility & Durability. Polyurethanes are not as hard as epoxies, but they are able to withstand impact better than other options and are incredibly abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant as well.

Because of these qualities, polyurethanes are commonly used to protect concrete countertops, acid-stained interior surfaces, and highly-trafficked concrete floors. They are also oftentimes used as a top coat to seal and protect epoxy flooring. Like any concrete sealer or coating, polyurethane systems should be applied with care and professionalism to ensure durable, effective, aesthetically-pleasing results.

Some Things To Consider During Installation

  • Although polyurethanes can be great sealers, keep in mind that they do not bond as well to concrete as epoxy and they tend to have high VOCs (which can be a concern during application). To get the best of both worlds, many homeowners opt to use a combination of epoxy and polyurethane for their garage floor or other concrete surface.
  • It’s also important to remember that the concrete surface should be completely free of moisture when the polyurethane is being applied. Otherwise, a negative chemical reaction could occur.
  • To achieve even coverage and results, an airless sprayer (low volume, high pressure) or micro-fiber mop should be used.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Americrete polyurethanes, please give us a call at 210-617-7565 or stop by and see us. Our experienced and knowledgeable team members are here to help.


If you’re looking for the right resinous flooring product, an acrylic sealer may be your best option. Talk to us and we’ll help you make the best choice.

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