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Strengthen & Add Dimension With Epoxy Flooring Systems

When many people think of epoxy flooring, they think of industrial or commercial applications such as hospital, retail, or dance floors. But epoxy flooring systems and sealers can be great for residential concrete protection and design as well – garage floors, concrete countertops, interior acid-stained floors, and food prep areas, for example. Epoxies can be water-based, solvent-based, and 100% solids, each offering different degrees of thickness.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Systems?

Most homeowners love concrete for its durability and strength, but dull grey may not be the exciting look you’re after. That’s where epoxies come in. Epoxy is a resinous coating that allows you to completely customize your concrete floors or countertops, adding style, texture, and pigment, if so desired.

Here at The Concrete Décor Store, we carry high-quality, versatile, decorative epoxy flooring products and topical coatings, including color flake epoxy coatings (which include decorative vinyl color or polymer chips or flakes) and metallic coatings. Metallic coatings are especially popular, as they provide that “gilded” look and make floors and countertops really pop.

Our high-gloss, decorative epoxy coatings and sealers come in a variety of colors and can bring a beautiful sheen and enhance the color and design of your concrete floors or acid-stained countertops, while protecting the area from everyday wear and tear. Whether you’re looking for clear or pigmented protection and strength, a vibrant or subtle design effect, you’ll find plenty of beautiful and durable options for your concrete countertops, food-prep area, or concrete flooring right here.

But the benefits aren’t just aesthetic – epoxy coatings and sealers are seamless, chemical-resistant, and water-resistant, so they bring protection and strength and make cleanup a cinch. These sealers also provide incredible scuff and scratch protection, so no matter how heavily trafficked the area is, you can expect superior protection from your epoxy sealer. Other perks include low odor, VOC-free, resilience, and excellent bonding abilities. Epoxies are also great for repairing and resurfacing concrete surfaces.

How Long Will Epoxies Last?

Although performance depends on factors like foot traffic, most epoxy sealer systems will provide anywhere from 5 to 10 years’ worth of protection.

What is The Application Process Like?

Once the two components of the epoxy flooring system are mixed, the product will need to be applied rather swiftly, typically by a squeegee, brush, roller, trowel, or airless sprayer. For rippled effects, a leaf blower can be used. There are a variety of other creative routes you can take during installation, from drizzling to layering. Sand or aggregate can be added during the installation process to reduce surface slip, as well. You can also incorporate colored quartz aggregate! Although installing an epoxy system isn’t a one-day deal, the slower curing process allows for better adhesion and durability.

Is Epoxy Right For Outdoor Applications?

Epoxy sealers, coatings, and floor systems are great for interior applications, but they aren’t recommended for outdoor applications. Why? Epoxies aren’t UV stable. When considering outdoor protection, you want something that is UV stable and will not yellow with sun exposure.

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions & Help You With Your Decorative Concrete Needs

If you’re looking for customizable style and protection for your residential concrete surface, give The Concrete Décor store a call at 210-617-7565. From chemical-resistant epoxy quartz decorative flooring to epoxy flake/chip coatings, you’ll find it all right here. We carry top brands like Life Deck and Americrete, both of which are known for delivering beautiful and long-lasting products. Call or stop by our showroom today!

Note: Some topical sealers can affect traction, so you may need to have anti-slip additives included during the installation process if you are sealing a heavily-trafficked area.


If you need a fast-drying sealer with low VOC’s, then consider the advantages of polyaspartic polyurea. Let us explain the benefits.

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