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Acrylic Sealers Provide Tough, Vapor-Permeable Protection

Once your floor, countertops, or other concrete surface is complete, you’ll want to seal it for protection and longevity. If you’re searching for a great sealer that’s economical, acrylic may be the right option for you. Here at The Concrete Décor store, we carry 100% acrylic seals, which are UV stable and capable of protecting your indoor and outdoor surfaces without yellowing. You’ll enjoy the most stunning wet-look finish, whether you’re protecting an acid-stained floor or stamped or exposed aggregate concrete.

We offer clear, solvent-based and water-based sealers in both gloss and matte finishes, which are designed to protect a variety of cementitious surfaces, both interior and exterior. These products not only protect, but they also accomplish the following:

  • enhance and preserve color
  • prevent yellowing & salt attack
  • prevent water penetration
  • dust-proof the surface
  • and ensure that your surface looks beautiful, day in and day out

Acrylic sealers form a film on the concrete surface they’re applied to, keeping water and chloride out, while still allowing vapor within the concrete to escape. Their vapor-permeability and UV-stability make them an excellent choice for sealing outdoor surfaces. Worried about slip resistance? Our products feature non-slip additives!

Popular acrylic sealer applications include these:

  • Embellished interior concrete flooring
  • Exterior concrete surfaces
  • Interior & exterior acid-stained concrete surfaces

Because acrylic sealers typically dry within an hour of application, they are also a great choice for those projects that need to be finished quickly.

Something To Consider

When considering acrylic sealers, keep in mind that they are typically thinner than other options, like epoxies and polyurethanes. For this reason, you can expect to need to reseal sooner than with an epoxy or polyurethane product. You can, however, apply a sacrificial floor finish or wax to the acrylic-sealed surface (indoor only) to protect and prolong performance.

What Is The Installation Process Like?

Once the floor has been properly prepped, the acrylic sealer will be applied in very thin coats with a sprayer or roller. Because of the composition of acrylic sealers, you’ll need to make sure the home is properly ventilated while the product is being applied.

Stop In Or Give Us A Call Today

To learn more about any of the Floric Polytech, Alabama Pigment, Americrete, or Life Deck acrylic sealers we carry here at The Concrete Décor Store, please stop in and see us or call us at 210-617-7565. We can answer your questions and help you determine if acrylic is the right choice for protecting your concrete surface.


When it comes to resinous flooring sealers, a frequent choice is epoxy flooring systems to add depth and strength. Want to know more? Give us a call.

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