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Refresh The Look Of Your Concrete

Is your concrete floor, pool deck, walkway, driveway, courtyard, balcony, or other cementitious surface cracked, discolored, or in disrepair? We can help! We carry high-quality concrete resurfacing systems and products from top brands like Floric Polytech. These systems are designed to protect your concrete from further damage and provide a new, strong, resilient, and beautiful new surface.

Resurfacing Options

Many homeowners see dingy, cracked, discolored concrete flooring and choose to cover it up any way they can – be it with tile, marble, slate, or carpet. But concrete overlays and microtoppings provide affordable and customizable resurfacing options that restore your flooring and bring a whole new element of style. Of course, not all concrete surfaces can be resurfaced. But if your concrete is structurally sound, resurfacing can be a great option.

  • Microtoppings & Skim Coats – Microtoppings are polymer and cement-aggregate blends that are silica- and styrene-free and provide a thin, new surface that can be completely customized. Because they are silica-free and styrene-free, microtoppings are superior to other polymer and cement blends in terms of adhesive properties and even, flexible, long-lasting results. Additionally, they are alkali-resistant and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. These products can be applied any number of ways – by brush, trowel, roller, squeegee, or sprayer – and can be custom-finished with color, dye, stain, stamping, or other decorative finishes (i.e. broom finish, spray texture, etc.).
  • Stampable Overlays – When resurfacing with stampable overlays, you can expect even, strong bonding; incredible durability; and resistance to moisture, salt attack, and freeze-thaw damage. Whether interior or exterior, high traffic or low, this UV stable, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and slip-resistant resurfacing option can provide beautiful, long-lasting results.
  • Scored Concrete – Whether you’re applying a new pour or looking to improve the appearance of your existing concrete, scored concrete can be a great resurfacing option. During the process, cuts are made in the concrete (new or existing) to create a pattern or design within the surface. A diamond blade, saw, chisel, or grinder can be used to achieve the desired result. This technique can be used in conjunction with color or stain to provide the most beautiful and unique surface imaginable. And since the concrete itself is scored, you can expect the pattern or design to be as durable as the concrete itself.
  • Polished Concrete – For a shiny, smooth new surface, polishing may be the answer. By polishing down the cementitious surface with pads of varying roughness, you can achieve a beautiful, low-maintenance, high-luster new look. Colors may also be added to enhance the new look.
  • Stains & DyesStains and dyes can also breathe new life into your existing concrete.

We Can Help You Decide If Resurfacing Is Right For Your Concrete Surface

If you’re tired of looking at that dingy, faded gray cementitious surface, call The Concrete Décor Store at 210-617-7565. We can help you determine whether your concrete is able to resurfaced, what your best options are, and how to move forward. Call or stop by today!


Resinous flooring and sealers can protect and preserve all the cement surfaces in your home. Ask us for all the details.

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