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Are you afraid that the floor in your business or industry is going to start to wear down? Are you starting to see small cracks or tiny chips? Is it getting more difficult to clean your floor because of small pocks or cracks? One problem you might be considering is that you can’t afford the downtime it will take to replace your existing flooring. So what’s the solution? Polyaspartic polyuria coatings! And the right company to call to help with your flooring needs is the Concrete Décor Floor.

Polyaspartic Polyurea Floor Coating Image - San Antonio TX - Concrete Decor StoreWhat is Polyaspartic Polyurea Coating?

According to Corrosionpedia, “(A) polyaspartic coating is a protective layer of aliphatic polyurea that is applied to metal or concrete floor surfaces. The surfaces are layered by spraying, painting or plastering to prevent corrosion and erosion.” One amazing advantage that polyaspartic polyurea coating has is that it has a very rapid set time. It can range from 10 to 45 minutes. At that rate, you can be back in your work area within a couple of hours.

Another great reason for using polyaspartic polyurea coating, as stated on ConcreteNetwork.com is this: It can be applied at just about any temperature, withstand high temperatures, and is flexible enough to cover small cracks. Also, it bonds very easily to just about any concrete surface. Plus, if it’s stain resistance you’re looking for, then polyaspartic polyurea coating is the material for you! This coating won’t yellow when exposed to sunlight. This means you can expect it to keep the beautiful shine no matter what!

If you’re concerned about the finish of this coating, rest assured that this clear coating will make your floor look terrific. It is known to be tough and very resilient, so that it can stand up to the toughest wear and tear that your company can dish out. One down side to this is that this surface can sometimes be slippery; however, this can be alleviated by adding grit, sand, or quartz aggregate to the mix.

Professional Installation

Polyaspartic polyurea coating is so strong that it can be very difficult to remove. Great, right? Yes, it is a positive quality, unless it isn’t properly installed. This is where the professionals at the Concrete Décor Store come in. They are able to quickly and proficiently apply this coating so that you don’t have to worry about proper installation.

However, there is a downside to polyaspartic polyurea coating. If not applied properly, bubbles or blisters may appear. Therefore, if you don’t have the proper solid content to allow it to ‘wet out’ the concrete, you may not get a proper bond. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this application problem, too. The experts at the Concrete Décor Store! They carry Americrete polyaspartic polyurea sealers and coatings. Plus, have the knowledge and experience to properly apply the coating to your floor.

So, if you’re thinking about coating your existing floor to make it beautiful and strong, give the Concrete Décor Store a call today!