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Planning to put up a commercial building? Then you need it to be able to withstand the extraordinary amount of wear and tear that this building will be subjected to. It matters not whether it’s a commercial building for shopping or a warehouse where people will pick up their new merchandise. The floor of that building will be exposed to many feet, and perhaps even vehicles. So, what building material can stand up to this type of abuse? Concrete.

Decorative Concrete Flooring For Commercial Buildings - San Antonio TX - The Concrete Decor StoreBut concrete isn’t very flashy. Or at least it didn’t used to be. But now-a-days, things have changed. You don’t have to settle for just plain gray concrete anymore. There are many options available. Also, there are many reasons to choose decorative concrete over any other available material.


Reasons to Choose Decorative Concrete

According to Before It’s News, there are several good reasons that decorative concrete is the right choice to make when putting up a commercial building.

  • Design flexibility: There are many different eye-catching options available when it comes to applying a design to concrete flooring. You can use acid stains, poly stains, dyes, or a pressed design in your new flooring. That way you can be sure that you will have a beautiful, easy to care for floor that is less expensive than other options.
  • Durability: Concrete flooring is extremely tough and strong. It can stand up to heavy impact without nicking, cracking, or breaking. Even if the concrete will be outdoors, it can withstand heavy rains and other precipitation, without being damaged.
  • Economical: Because your floor can stand up to heavy stress conditions, you will not need to worry about costly upkeep and repairs.


Environmentally Friendly

Before It’s News also goes on to state that using decorative concrete is an environmentally friendly option. This type of flooring “maintains a comfortable internal temperature” which helps the building’s heating and cooling system run more efficiently.

The ThinkBigger website concludes, “Warehouses, agricultural facilities, retail stores, business offices, and industrial spaces are all spaces that can benefit from commercial concrete.”


Coloring Your Cement

There are three main ways to color your decorative concrete overlays. The professionals at the Concrete Décor Store call them stains, dyes, and integral color and hardeners. They are able to advise you on which of these ways best suits your business needs. In addition, they use quality products. Plus, have all the tools to ensure that your floor not only can stand up to any type of wear, but also is beautiful and affordable.


Call the Specialists

When you are looking to put up a new commercial building with a decorative concrete floor, it’s important to consult with professionals. Especially those who have experience and expertise in the concrete floor business. There’s no one more qualified to help you with your flooring needs than the experts at The Concrete Décor Store. They use a variety of products and techniques to give you the floor to fit the building of your dreams!