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Is the concrete around your business starting to look cracked, pitted, or just worn down? Would a fresh, new look make your whole building look like new? How about your old garage floor? Is it getting more and more difficult to keep the dirt and leaves out? Are there cracks and divots because of wear and tear over the years? Instead of thinking about removing the concrete and starting all over, consider micro-topping your existing concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing - San Antonio TX - Concrete Decor StoreCost of Removing Concrete

When you are unhappy with the look of existing concrete, it may seem like your only option is to tear it up and lay new. Depending on the type and placement of the concrete, this can be a costly and time consuming project. The HomeAdvisor website gives several things that might affect the cost of concrete removal. For one, the way that the concrete was laid will affect how it’s removed. Other considerations are: The amount of concrete, permit requirements, and the rate you will be charged for removing the concrete. Add to that the replacement costs of the concrete itself, and you might be looking at a pretty hefty bill.

Micro-topping Your Concrete

If you’re concerned about the cons of removing your concrete, a better option for you might be micro-topping your existing concrete. According to the balance website, micro-topping is a cement-like product that is normally used as a solution to repair old cracked cement. This solution is mold-resistant and gives great bonding over concrete. In addition, it allows for superior coverage over your existing concrete.
Tired of the look of your old, gray concrete? Micro-topping can also give you a fresh new look. There are several ways to apply these polymer and cement-aggregate blends. What’s even more exciting? The fact that you can have your micro-topping custom finished to match your style. There are different colors available, stamping options, stains, and other finishes that can suit whatever look you’re going for.

Stamped Concrete

Another option to resurface your worn out concrete is to use stamp-able overlays. According to the Concrete Network, this is a great option if your concrete is only slightly worn with small cracks, or if it is stained or discolored. It is water, abrasion, and slip resistant. Plus, there are many finishes to choose from. These overlays can have patterns that imitate brick, stone, slate, or many other surfaces. Also, colors can be added to the overlays. And even in heavy wear areas, stamp-able overlays can hold up and stay looking fresh and beautiful for years.

Trust the Experts

These are just a couple of the many options that the professionals at the Concrete Décor Store can suggest when it comes to resurfacing your concrete flooring. Whether you are looking to resurface concrete surfaces in your home or in a business, they have the experience and expertise to advise you on the very best option for your concrete resurfacing needs. They also use only the highest quality products to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished job. Give the Concrete Décor Store a call today and make an appointment to discuss your resurfacing needs.