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Stamped Concrete & Stampable Overlays For Industrial & Commercial Projects

Just because flooring has to be functional and stand up to high foot traffic, doesn’t mean it can’t also be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, many business owners, architects, developers, and builders are realizing they don’t have to choose between the two, which is why so many are opting for stampable overlays and stamped concrete.

When adding flooring to a retail, commercial, or industrial space or resurfacing existing flooring, stamped concrete and stampable overlays can be an affordable, durable, and customizable option. Both options can be made to resemble natural stone or wood, and can be stained or dyed to create a truly stunning design at a price you can be happy about. Additionally, with stampable overlays and stamped concrete, you’ll enjoy more consistent design results than you would with the natural materials you are imitating.

What’s The Difference Between Stamped Concrete & Stampable Overlays?

So what’s the difference between the two? They both essentially provide the same customizability and style – the major difference is with regards to application. When opting for stamped concrete, you’ll simply have new concrete poured, stamped, and texturized to resemble the brick, stone, or wood pattern you’re after. Stampable overlays, on the other hand, are thinly poured over the existing concrete flooring and texturized and stained directly. Overlays are easily colored and texturized and can be made slip-resistant as well.

Versatile Style & Long-Lasting Results

When it comes to style and texture that’s both affordable and long-lasting, stamped concrete and stampable overlays are hard to beat. Whatever your project, be it an entryway, interior floor, or retail floor, or a deck, patio, courtyard, or walkway, with stamped concrete and stampable overlays, you can create a customized look that fits with your design aesthetic and durability requirements. Some of the most on-trend textures and looks that stamped concrete and stampable overlays can reproduce include these:

  • Garden Stone
  • Limestone
  • Fractured Slate
  • Ashler Stone
  • Pine
  • Sandstone
  • English Yorkstone
  • Cobblestone

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions

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You can achieve knock-out color for the decorative concrete overlays in your commercial and industrial settings. Why settle for boring grey? Call on The Concrete Décor Store for all things concrete.

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