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Polyurethane & Chemical-Resistant Urethane Sealers For Commercial & Industrial Applications

If you want your concrete surface to maintain its color and beauty and stand up to years of abuse, it’s imperative that you properly seal it after application. Sealing helps prevent damage and discoloration caused by oils, salts, chemicals, foot traffic, etc. and can also protect against the cracking and crumbling caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Sealers also make cleaning your concrete simple and effortless.

But sealers aren’t solely enjoyed for their protective properties – they also provide sheen and bring out the beauty of the surface they’re applied to. Choose from water-based or solvent-based formulas and select the sheen level that makes the most sense for your industrial or commercial application.

Strength, Protection, & Beauty That Can Stand Up To Abuse

In many commercial and industrial environments, a tough concrete flooring sealer that dries fast and provides a beautiful, resilient gloss finish is a must. In these situations, polyurethane and chemical-resistant urethanes can’t be beat. Recommended for both interior and exterior applications, polyurethanes provide thick, protective films that seal the concrete and prevent damage from abrasion, chemicals, high temperatures, and heavy foot traffic. They are also UV stable and will not yellow in the sun like many other sealers.

Polyurethane and urethane sealers are also seamless and crack-resistant. Without cracks and seams, there’s nowhere for water, chemicals, and microorganisms to settle – which is especially important where foods, moisture, and chemicals are concerned.

The most popular applications include the following:

  • Concrete countertops in commercial kitchens
  • Concrete flooring and stamped flooring
  • Exterior areas in need of UV light protection
  • High-trafficked flooring in retail or commercial environments
  • Commercial plants (i.e. food processing and bottling)
  • Airports & hangers
  • Auto showrooms & garages
  • Warehouses
  • Repair shops
  • Hospitals & hospices
  • Convention centers

Because of their resistance to chemicals and their UV stability, they also make great sealers for areas where graffiti is a concern.


When applying these coating systems, it’s wise to use a low-volume, high-pressure airless sprayer or a micro-fiber mop, as this will help you achieve more even and level results.

For more information on polyurethane sealers and chemical-resistant urethanes, feel free to stop by The Concrete Décor Store. You can also reach one of our team members by calling 210-617-7565. We look forward to serving you!


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