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Cost-Effective Acrylic Sealers For Commercial & Industrial Concrete Flooring

Acrylic sealers belong to the topical sealers category and are available in both matte and high-gloss finishes. Acrylic coatings offer a wide range of sheen finish options, which makes them popular for many industrial and commercial applications. Like many other sealers and resinous flooring systems, acrylic sealers protect against chemical and salt damage, water intrusion, staining, and fading, and serve to enhance the floor’s appearance at the same time.

Protection You Can Afford

One of the biggest advantages to using an acrylic sealer is that it’s incredibly cost effective. Acrylic sealers tend to be cheaper than both epoxies and urethanes, so if price is a big issue, acrylic may be the way to go. You’ll also enjoy UV stability and breatheability, making acrylic a great option for exterior surfaces that will be exposed to moisture and sunlight – although solvent-based formulations will typically outperform water-based on exterior surfaces. Additionally, solvent-based acrylic sealers typically provide better color enhancement.

Acrylics are also great sealers for dust protection, making them ideal for warehouses and large retail floors. You may, however, need to reapply the sealer more frequently than you would with another type of resinous flooring and sealing product.

Here are some of the most popular applications for acrylic sealers:

  • Concrete driveways and parking lots
  • Warehouses & retail floors
  • Food preparation and food facilities
  • Stamped, colored, & exposed aggregate flooring

Fast Application & Dry Time

Like all concrete coatings, acrylic sealers should be carefully applied in thin coats. A sprayer or roller is commonly used during installation.

Although acrylic sealers won’t typically cure in as little time as polyaspartic or polyurea coatings, they are still fast! Most acrylic-sealed floors can start tolerating foot traffic within 12 hours of application. As far as thickness is concerned, acrylic sealers are about half as thick as their polyurethane counterparts.

Something To Consider

Because acrylic sealers are thinner than many other resinous flooring options, they tend to wear faster and need more frequent application. To help prolong the service life of your acrylic sealer (for interior applications) and keep it in great condition, sacrificial floor wax can be added in layers.

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