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Plywood & Concrete Deck Waterproofing

When you install a new plywood or concrete deck, you want it to last and to provide years of enjoyment. That’s why you use trusted products and techniques to make sure the job is done right. But the lifespan of a deck isn’t solely determined by the installation – it’s also determined by the protection you provide afterwards.

Here at The Concrete Décor Store, we carry the finest deck waterproofing products from the most trusted brands in the industry like Life Paint. Life Paint has been protecting decks for more than three decades and is trusted by architects, contractors, and builders throughout the world. For unbeatable protection at a price you can handle, look to Life Deck. The Life Deck waterproofing systems we carry include each of these:

AL System

The AL waterproofing system is a four-step, acrylic cement and metal lath waterproofing system that provides superior protection and is designed specifically for commercial plywood decks and balconies, commercial walkways, multi-family housing units. This 1-hour fire rated system dries in 4-6 hours but will take up to 24 hours to fully cure. We recommend waiting 48 hours before putting any objects on the newly waterproofed surface.

FM System

We also feature the FM system, which is an acrylic coating deck system that consists of a primer, a fiberglass mat, a base coat, a texture coat, and a color coat. This deck system is affordable, easy to maintain, fast drying, waterproof, slip/skid-resistant, and comes with a five-year limited warranty when installed by a factory-trained professional.

MC System

The MC system provides water protection for concrete decks and is prominently used in applications that require flexibility or movement. This 4-step system is great for roof top pools, schools and other commercial type properties, stairs, multi-family housing units, and consists of a fiber lath, a base coat, a slurry coat, and a color coat.

LD2000 System

The LD2000 system is a four-step waterproofing system that consists of a primer, a base coat, a base coat/sand, and a color coat, and provides both flexibility and durability. This particular system is popular for parking structures and apartments.

Call us at 210-617-7565 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about any our waterproofing systems. Whatever commercial or industrial project you’re working on, we can help.


Resurfacing concrete in commercial or industrial settings can be a straightforward, cost-effective option. Call us for all the details.

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