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Commercial & Industrial-Grade Moisture Mitigation & Blockers

For industrial and commercial projects, it just doesn’t get any better than concrete. Concrete offers unparalleled durability, incredible strength, and virtually limitless style options at a budget-friendly price. But without proper protection, the lifespan of concrete can be significantly shortened and the beauty of your project can be compromised. Protect your industrial or commercial project with moisture mitigation and blockers.

Whether you’re applying decorative concrete overlays, epoxy or other resinous coatings, or polishing concrete, moisture blockers can protect your project and help preserve its beauty for years to come. The moisture-blocking products we carry here at The Concrete Décor Store are known for their ease of application, their effectiveness, and their eco-friendliness (non-toxic, VOC-free), so you can enjoy fast, effective protection without environmental harm or guilt. Additionally, they are odor free, and you can rest assured you aren’t breathing in harmful fumes during the application process.

Why Is Moisture Mitigation So Important In Concrete Applications?

By nature, concrete is porous – which means it will absorb moisture. Unfortunately, once moisture is inside the concrete slab, it will constrict and expand with temperature changes, causing it to break down and crack the concrete from the inside out. If nothing is done to prevent moisture from entering the concrete in the first place, water will continue to cause deterioration and damage throughout the slab.

But it’s not just moisture entering the slab from above that we need to worry about. Vapor emissions from below the cement slab and from the cement itself can cause damage, peeling, and adhesive issues for sealers, coatings, decorative concrete overlays, and other flooring materials that are added to the cementitious surface. Additionally, this moisture can lead to mildew, mold growth, and other unpleasant and unhealthy consequences. But moisture blockers can help.

How Do Moisture Blockers Work?

Moisture blockers work by penetrating the concrete slab and providing a barrier that prevents these larger water molecules from freely passing into the cementitious slab. In fact, most moisture barriers and blockers reduce the moisture permeability of cementitious surfaces by more than 90%. These products also work to protect the concrete against acid and salt erosion.

When Are Moisture Blockers Applied?

Moisture blockers can be applied directly to fresh concrete, which saves time and makes the entire application process less stressful and wasteful. It’s imperative that these products be applied prior to any sealers, decorative concrete overlays, or epoxies/resinous coatings.

We Can Help You Get The Protection You Need

If you’d like to learn more about our moisture mitigation products and blockers, please call us at 210-617-7565. We’re located in San Antonio, TX and have years of experience protecting cementitious structures from the devastating effects of moisture. Call or stop by today!


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