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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Resurfacing

Aside from its durability, one of the greatest things about concrete is that it can be resurfaced, refreshed, and completely transformed relatively easily. Commercially, it’s beloved for its affordability and strength, but appearance is important as well. After all, the way a business looks says a lot about the company and brand as a whole. If you’re working to restore or refresh a cementitious surface on a commercial or industrial property, we can help.

Those of us at The Concrete Décor Store have extensive experience resurfacing concrete and provide an array of products and options for giving drab concrete countertops, flooring, and other surfaces a much needed facelift. Here are some of the most popular concrete resurfacing options we offer:

Microtopping/Skim Coats

Working on a cementitious surface that lacks color and style? Consider resurfacing with a microtopping or skim coat! Microtoppings and skim coats provide a thin, clean surface atop old concrete slabs and allow you to customize, texturize, and refresh the look of the entire cementitious surface without starting from scratch. Add color with stains or dyes, or texturize the surface with stamps and stencils. With microtoppings and skim coats, you can virtually recreate the entire surface without the expense of starting over and pouring new concrete.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Decorative concrete overlays can also give your concrete a fresh start. These overlays are poured into place over the existing cement slab and can be texturized and colored, much like skim coats and microtoppings. Additives can be used as well to increase slip resistance and change the overall look and texture of the cementitious surface. As long as the cement is still structurally sound, decorative concrete overlays can be a great option for refreshing your commercial or industrial space and giving it a brand new life and look.

The Resurfacing Possibilities Are Virtually Limitless

In addition to microtoppings, skim coats, and decorative concrete overlays, stencils, stains, and other coloring products and resurfacing tools can be used to alter and improve the look of your cementitious surface. We also offer spray-down concrete toppings (which can greatly reduce slip), impressions, color wash, pebblebond, and more. From adding etchings and engravings to applying colors that mask flaws, the possibilities for resurfacing industrial or commercial concrete is almost limitless.

Whether you’re working to restore a worn pool deck, a restaurant patio, or a retail floor, The Concrete Décor Store has everything you need to resurface and refresh your project. Call 210-617-7565 to learn more.


We offer antimicrobial flooring for those industrial or commercial flooring projects in environments that directly affect health, like kitchens, hospitals, medical clinics and locker rooms. Want to know more? Call us today.

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