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Staining Your Concrete Commercial Or Industrial Flooring

In industrial and commercial settings, time is money, and anything that halts work can cause major business disruption and cash flow problems. That’s why many architects, contractors, and developers opt for stains when choosing a color for their decorative concrete overlay flooring. Stains become a part of the cementitious surface they’re applied to, making the colors themselves just as long-lasting as the concrete. There’s no worrying about peeling colors, missing sections, or poor adhesion, so you’ll enjoy your floors for longer, without having to disrupt work to reapply color. Additionally, stains can be layered, allowing you to achieve a truly unique, variegated floor that lasts and lasts.

Here at The Concrete Décor Store, we carry a wide range of high-quality, professional-grade concrete stains from some of the most trusted and proven suppliers in the industry. Some of the options you’ll find here include these:

Poly Stains

Poly stains can provide subtle, almost translucent results, as well as solid, vibrant pops of color – it’s up to you. When you work with a poly stain, you’ll have complete control of the end results and can tweak the transparency and vibrancy of the stain by simply modifying the amount of colorant used. The pigment itself isn’t added until the application process, so simply mix to your preference. You can also achieve customized looks by changing the way the product is applied – i.e. a sponge or a sprayer.

Poly stains can give your flooring an antique look; a soft, almost translucent color; or a vibrant color or accent color. They also make color touch-ups and color match challenges a thing of the past.

Acid Stains

Acid stains provide permanent color by chemically joining to the cementitious surface itself. These mixtures react with the lime in the concrete to provide a beautiful, variegated color result that lasts. Here at The Concrete Décor Store, we carry the best acid stains in the industry, and feature stains with the highest concentration of coloring salts and metallic salts. Some of the most popular uses for acid stains in commercial and industrial settings are stamped and textured concrete overlay decks and patios, walkways, countertops, and interior flooring.

Acid stains provide natural-looking colors and can be manipulated to reveal truly unique and even three-dimensional results. However, you should note that these stains are not ideal for covering up flaws within the concrete itself.

Acrylic Stains

If you need consistent, reliable, no-surprises coloring, acrylic stains are the way to go. With acrylic, your results will perfectly match the coloring in the bottle, whether you’re using them for interior or exterior applications. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy unique effects. Different application processes like misting, sponging, blending, and scoring allow you to create a variety of different looks and effects with your acrylic stain.

Water-Based/Penetrating Stains

Water-based or penetrating stains work differently from acrylic and acid stains in that there is no chemical reaction taking place. Instead, they simply penetrate the cementitious surface like a paint. Because the coloring takes place at a surface level, you can expect consistent coloring and more complete coverage than you would get with other stains. This is great news if you’re coloring an old concrete floor and want to mask some flaws or rough spots here and there.

Solvent-Based Stains

Solvent-based stains provide a fresh, solid color by adhering to the epoxy or polyurethane coating on the cementitious surface. Because of the solid coloring that solvent-based stains provide, they are an incredibly popular choice for commercial and industrial flooring that will see high foot traffic – although they will still require a proper sealer for protection.

Whatever stain you end up choosing, a proper sealer and occasional maintenance will serve to protect the flooring and prolong its service life so that remains beautiful and functional year after year. For more information on any of the stains we carry here at The Concrete Décor Store, please call 210-617-7565. We’re here to help.


Think about dyes for coloring your decorative concrete overlays in any commercial or industrial setting. We’ll help you choose the right product and process for your needs.

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