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Integral Color & Hardeners For Commercial & Industrial Flooring

Whether you’re working to create beautiful and long-lasting flooring for a restaurant, courtyard, patio, retail store, showroom, or other commercial or industrial project, integral colors and hardeners can be great options for getting the vibrant, long-lasting color you’re after. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your commercial or industrial flooring or countertop project, you can count on The Concrete Décor Store to provide you with the best brands and products for the job.

Integral Colors

Integral colors can be used in both interior and exterior applications and provide permanent color by penetrating the concrete throughout. These pigments are mixed into the concrete at the time of installation and can be layered with other coloring products for a custom look.

One of the reasons integral colors are so popular is that, since they penetrate the entire cementitious slab, the color will show through even if the slab gets damaged and wears a little. Whether you’re coloring countertops or flooring, if you want color that goes all the way through the cementitious slab, integral colors are the way to go.

Dry-Shake Color Hardeners

Dry-shake color hardeners are great options for builders, architects, and designers looking to add vibrant colors and strength to a cementitious surface. Unlike integral colors, stains, and many other coloring products, dry-shake color hardeners are applied only to the surface of the cement slab. Because of their surface application, they’re known for providing vibrant color that really pops. Additionally, they tend to reveal sharper imprints when stamped.

Unlike integral colors, dry-shake colors are not mixed in to the concrete during application, but it is important that they be applied while the concrete is still a little wet. Because they yield such vibrant results, you’ll want to use less when working with darker pigments and more when working with lighter pigments.

We’re Here To Make Sure Your Project Is A Success

Whether you decide to use dry-shake color hardeners for your stamped concrete project or integral colors that won’t fade or vanish should the concrete slab wear away, let The Concrete Décor Store help you with your project. We carry the most trusted brands and have all the tools you need to ensure proper application and beautiful results. For more information or to speak with one of our industry experts, please call 210-617-7565. We’re here to help make sure your commercial or industrial project is a success!


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