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Dyes For Industrial & Commercial Flooring

If you’re looking for long-lasting color that dries rapidly, requires minimal cleanup, and doesn’t rely on a chemical reaction to deliver results, acetone dye may be the best choice for your industrial or commercial flooring project. Unlike stains, dyes simply penetrate the cementitious surface and seep into the pores of the concrete, delivering exceptional color. Dyes consist of a pigment and an acetone or other solvent, but are also available in water-based formulas. One of the biggest differences between the two is that water-based formulas tend to provide more color variation while solvent-based formulas typically provide more solid, consistent results.

There are two main types of acetone dyes used in commercial and industrial flooring applications: Powdered & Liquid.

  • Powdered acetone dyes are popular due to the wide color palette available and the dye’s ability to dry rapidly. These types of dyes are primarily used on interior flooring because of their UV instability. They are also incredibly popular options for floors that are to be polished, as their color will not be removed from the cementitious surface during the polishing process.
  • Liquid acetone dyes are similar to stains in that they are absorbed into the concrete. Much like their powdered counterparts, these dyes have rapid dry times and present an astonishing array of color choices. What makes them especially popular is that they are UV stable and can be used in exterior applications. However, unlike their powdered counterparts, liquid acetone dyes should not be used on floors that are to be polished, as the polishing process will remove the thin film that these dyes leave on the cementitious surface.

One thing to remember, however, is that acetone dyes cannot be used on floors that have already been sealed. If the floor has been sealed but you would like to use an acetone dye, you will need to first grind the surface to open the pores. Another important thing to remember about dyes is that they will not mask or hide flaws within the concrete, so if you aren’t pleased with the overall condition and look of the cementitious surface you are coloring, dyes may not be the best choice.

If you have any questions about any of our dyes or would like assistance choosing the right product for your commercial or industrial flooring project, please call 210-617-7565. We’re here to help!


Integral color and hardeners could be your best option for concrete overlays in an industrial setting. Ask us for more information now.

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