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Color For Decorative Concrete Overlays In Commercial & Industrial Settings

You know your project and its needs and requirements, and you know it demands flooring that can stand up to the abuse of foot traffic, spills, and whatever else it may see day after day, without losing its beauty and style. You also know that not every concrete coloring product and technique is right for your project. Here’s a little bit about each concrete coloring and staining option to help you determine which may best fit with your particular situation:

  • Stains – If your project demands permanent, customizable color that will look fresh and give you the creative freedom to really make a statement with your industrial or commercial flooring, a stain may be just what you need. Whether you’re working on an indoor or outdoor application, we have a wide range of stains to choose from – from acrylic to water-based, acid stains, and poly stains. Find out more here.
  • Dyes – Dyes are great options for industrial and commercial settings as well, especially if you’re working on a polished floor application. With powdered acetone dyes, you won’t have to worry about the polishing process removing the color from the concrete. It’s important to note, however, that not all dyes are recommended for use on exterior cementitious surfaces, as not all dyes are UV stable. Learn more here.
  • Integral Color & Hardeners – Looking for long-lasting color or a customized color that’s unique to your space? Consider integral colors and hardeners. Integral colors actually become a part of the concrete itself, meaning as long as the concrete lasts, the color will last. If you’d like to reinforce and strengthen the concrete floor while creating your perfect color, hardeners can be added to the concrete. Click here for more information.

Whatever Style Or Look You’re After, We Can Help

Whether you’re trying to achieve a marble floor finish, a wood floor look, or you’re adding the company logo to the flooring, we have the color products you need to complete your decorative concrete overlay project. For more information, or if you’d like technique and application tips, please call 210-617-7565. We have years of industry experience and know these products and applications inside and out!


When it comes to waterproofing a plywood or concrete deck, call on our experts for your commercial & industrial flooring needs.

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