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If you own a warehouse, storage shed, or an industry where you have large machinery that needs to be stored, you may be concerned about what type of flooring to install. You may be concerned that your flooring won’t be able to hold up to the heavy machinery or other equipment that you need to store. If you’re looking for a floor coating that can really stand up to wear and tear, a urethane coating may be exactly what you are looking for. A urethane coating can be used for much more than just warehouse type flooring. Read on to find out more about the many practical uses for chemical resistant urethane coatings.

All About Chemical Resistant Urethanes - San Antonio, TX - Concrete Decor StoreWhat is a Urethane Coating

When you need a floor coating that is flexible yet strong, a urethane coating is just the ticket. This floor coating was developed in 1937. It was used to create rigid foam, elastomers, and was even used in World War II aircraft on a limited basis. Although urethane doesn’t bond very well to concrete, it is a great top coat and sealer. It is great for the epoxy that is often spread over concrete floors. Urethane coatings are scratch resistant, and they also hold up well to high impacts. This reliable coating has been used in architectural and building planning countless times throughout the years.

Chemical Resistant

Urethane coatings flexible and scratch-resistant so they make excellent flooring for warehouses and industrial complexes. They are also soft enough and retain their glossy finish.  Urethane coatings are excellent for use in medical facilities or vet clinics. They are incredibly strong, so that they make excellent showroom flooring. Also, because the urethane finish is applied in a seamless, smooth manner, and because it is heat and chemical resistant, it is great for use in food industry facilities or in lab or industrial settings.

Possible problems

There are some problems that can occur with urethane floor finishes, however. It has to be applied correctly, in thin coats, in order for it to be uniformly thick and smooth. Because this is so thin, it doesn’t cover up imperfections. It can, however, be applied on top of other types of floor coverings. One solution would be to apply these first, then apply the urethane finish.

Call in the Experts

The installation of chemical resistant urethane flooring can be a very tricky issue. You want to call in the best in the business to make sure the job gets done right. Contact the professionals at the Concrete Décor Store. They can show you how urethane covering can be used for concrete countertops for commercial kitchens, concrete or stamped flooring, airports and hangars, auto showrooms, repair shops, hospitals, and convention centers. The employees at the Concrete Décor Store are experienced and can give you expert advice on what flooring or countertop will best meet your business needs. Give them a call for advice and expert service.